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VELVET NON SLIP WIG GRIP (regular and lace)

VELVET NON SLIP WIG GRIP (regular and lace)


please note the brown lace wig grip has an estimated ship date of 12/22/2021


Please note the options have both the regular grip and lace grip. The lace grip is for the lace top wigs and the no lace regular grip is for all the wigs and wears


Wig grip are meant to be used under full wigs (only) to help keep your wig secure in place without the use of comb or clips. It’s very comfortable. Available in black or beige. Should be worn with logo on the outside (I have a video on YouTube on wig grips). please note i no longer make them with velcro, i make them now with an adjustable strap which is a lot more comfortable, and less bulky by the nape!


This product is final sale!

Option 1
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