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TP25899-25900: NATURAL DARK BROWN 7x8 21"

TP25899-25900: NATURAL DARK BROWN 7x8 21"


Clip on hair topper




7x8 cap (cap photo is example of size)


21" (Measured from center roots down) please measure your hair length and add an additonal 1-2” to match the topper hair.


Precut with shorter face frame


Topper 120% (medium density) 


Silk Top with wefted back (Can move the part around, add bangs, etc) (no changes to stock pieces like adding lace front, poly strips, color jobs etc- that would be a custom order. )


Dries straight


3 days to return or exchange. There is a 10% restock fee on returns, and one time free exchange (+ship fee) with store credit that does not expire. There are NO cancellations once the order is placed. Even if the order has not been shipped, or if a second one was purchased shortly after, you are subject to a 10% cancellation penalty. Thanks for your understanding!

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